Thorin Oakenshield in the teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies.

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This is the last time we’ll all be united as Tolkien fans for the sake of one trailer. Just know that I love you all and I would gladly sail to the Grey Havens with you at the end of this adventure.


if we should die tonight we should all die together

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Here’s Another Photo of Michael Looking Good & Chatting With Mia Wasikowska & Jesse Eisenberg In London A Couple of Weeks Ago(x)

This honestly looks like some CW version of ‘Jane Eyre’ set in modern times. In this episode, the most popular boy in school and star athlete, Eddie Rochester, is introduced to his new tutor, the dowdy and poor but “beautiful underneath all the frumpiness,” Jane Eyre, who has had the misfortune of being nicknamed everything from ‘Plain Jane’ to ‘Lame Jane’ by the other kids. All except her only friend and not so secret admirer (let’s call him…um…Mark Zuckerberg). Mark immediately notices a spark between Jane and Eddie but he has had enough of these rich dudes getting everything they want and he’ll be damned if Eddie takes Jane from him. One fateful night, Mark, in a Hateraide-infused rage (exacerbated by the knowledge that Eddie’s new nickname for Jane is Dame Jane), hacks into Eddie’s computer where he learns that the star quarterback has been hiding a devastating secret - a secret which Mark, while also plotting to take over the fucking world in a really annoying and intrusive way, threatens to expose to the whole school. And that, friends, is season one. Make Eddie a vampire and we’ve got ourselves a panel at Comic-Con.

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